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Dolphin therapy includes:

Dolphin therapy is a method of medical and psychological rehabilitation and correction of children suffering from various declinations in development.  Considering specific character of child’s disease is formed an individual program of development and influence. Experienced specialists ()observe and correct methodology of trainings. Trainings are conducted in a game form, which is optimal for children and dolphins. For stabilization of psycho-emotional child’s state, after swimming with dolphin  phytotherapy is used. And also for removing of excessive excitement, warming child’s body is used a sedative and warming massage.

The course of dolphin therapy consists of 3 stages:

  • Preparation: gathering of anamnesis.

  • The main: a complex of procedures (consultation of experienced specialists: a therapeutist,  psychologist, rehabilitologist, neuropathologist, and also the course  includes massage and phytotherapy). 

  • The final: specialist’s conclusion: psychologist, rehabilitologist, who were observing patient’s before procedures, during and after the finishing of dolphin therapy.

The further support of achieved result is realized through virtual psychotherapy, memories (photo,  video, listening   of sounds).