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Black sea dolphins – afalins

The afalin’s length is 2,5-3 miters, rarely 3,5 miters.  They weight 150-300 kilos.  Males are in 10-20 centimeters longer than females. They have moderate developed “beak”, whish distinct bordered from forehead. On the top of the body dolphins have dark-brown colour and the bottom is light (from grey to white). The pattern on the sides isn’t constant.

The Black Sea dolphin has sharp hearing and good eyesight, he sleeps on the depth of a half miters from the surface at night usually, in the middle of the day just after meal. Sleeping dolphin has by turns one hemisphere sleeping, and another in this time staying awaken. The last of afalin’s life – is more than 30 years, it lives in one place or roaming from place to place  in small shoals of 2-8 dolphins or alone, mainly in coastal zone of Black Sea, Kerch’s strait, Bosfor and Marble Sea, rarely they roam into Azov’s Sea.

Dolphin’s language  divides into two groups:

  • gesture’s language (language of the body) different poses, jumps,  turns, different ways of swimming signs makes with tail, head, flippers.
  • Sounds language – a system of sounds signals, pronounced in  sound impulses and ultrasound (two types of signals): echolocation(sonar), help animals to investigate surrounding, find obstacles, catch and “twitter”, “whistle”, “buzz”, “squeal”, “gnashing”, “cracking”, “smacking”, “crunch”, “clapping”, “squeak”, “roar”, “wailing”, “croaking” for communication with relatives and expressing dolphin’s emotional state.


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