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A romantic story

Period of romantic relationships lasts the whole summer (from June to Augest).  The  court period  lasts from 4 days to 3 weeks. In this period male lavishes attentions on female and gives her various presents (fish, seaweed, corals), after that the male pursues the female. It accompanies by cross swimming, demonstration by the male of different parts of the body, rubbing of the top part of the belly by flipper, rubbing of sexual organs by flipper, and at last they couple.

The pregnancy lasts 10-18 months. Dolphin’s female usually gives one baby (50-60centimeters), and some time carefully protects it. Dolphin’s baby comes into being absolutely formed in contrast to people. It cans sea, hear, swim, exchange the information with his mother, it has absolutely developed coordination of moves. 

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