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Our artists

Skadovsk’s  dolphinarium “Akvarel” is a popular place of entertaining for all the family. Dolphins’ show is a exciting spectacle, in which spectators becomes witnesses of appearance of our dolphins – Kasya, Beauty and Gena. They can play basketball, sing, jump, draw, juggle and even dance. A bright show will excite you because not only dolphins and their trainers will take part in it but also spectators.

Dolphins come into being with a natural smile and they are known as the cleverest animals on our planet. To watch them in conditions of their natural behavior it’s an unforgettable visual and emotional experience for people of all ages. 

A unique sea bears’ show it’s not just a funny spectacle. It’s also a fascinating educational program for children which helps young spectators to learn clearly animals’ natural behavior, to get to know their natural instincts and abilities. Our artists not only great  masters  and experienced trainers but also real friends of sea inhabitants. They aren’t supporter of severe training, they are talented teachers, which help their pets to develop. Sea bears propose themselves games and tricks that then turn into magic performance.

Skadovsk’s dolphinarium “Akvarel” implements successfully its mission in creation of wonderful atmosphere for families to gather and get bright positive emotions, to celebrate child’s birthday and learn more about sea life and sea inhabitants.