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Restorative therapy

The age of development of technology and global urbanization unfortunately leads a human being to depressive conditions.

The picture of reasons of appearing depression and real ways of its treatment is absent in medicine and psychotherapy. Our younger brothers, dolphins help us when the hope is lost. A friendly relationship between dolphin and a human being – it’s a unique phenomenon, which causes positive changing in human’s psycho emotional sphere. Positive emotions from communication with dolphins lessen possible influence of stress factors and human’s emotional sphere.  Scientists established, that during the process of communication with dolphins releases a big portion of endorphins – hormones of happiness. Our specialists use especially cultivated program of psycho relaxation,    which allows to solve effectively various psycho emotional  problems, to restore an inner balance, to assist to harmonization of personality.

A deposition for passing a course:

  • Neurosis;

  • Depression;

  • A syndrome of chronic tiredness;

  • A posttraumatic syndrome;

  •  Emotional burning;

  • Difficulties of personal growing;

  • Psychosomatically disorder;

  • Neuropsychological disorder.

A course of dolphin therapy includes 5 – 10 sittings. The course is formed with calculation of individual peculiarities and client’s wishes.